Menu Option

$55 per person / $30.00 per Kid 4-10 (Y.O.)

Garlic pizza crust

Penne Arrabiata

Fettuccini Chicken

Platters of Steak

Platters of Grilled Chicken Served with Chips and Gravy/Mushroom Sauce

Garden Salad

Our Function

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday paty with your friends and family in our lovely friendly environnment....

Engagement Parties

Walk in our resturant with you love one and open a bottle of wine ...

Wedding Party

Cuisine, as each lady of the hour knows, is the path to a guest's heart, making the group feel warm and welcome. One approach to ensure that your Guest have a good experience is to book your celebration at an eatery whose food you know and love...

Corporate Party

We endeavor to be a profitable and valuable wellspring of data for all parts of your corporate occasion arranging process. It is our desire that each occasion you plan be a remarkable achievement...

Christening Party

Our arrangement can shake your Christening Party with rich and adaptable Christening Party. Their broad menu and experience gives them the ability to mastermind a wide range of Christening Party cooking from easygoing beverages with finger foods, to formal meals....

Holy Communion

Impart a gift to your family and companions with these silver cross themed light supports. Searching for first fellowship or affirmation favors, or exemplary endowments that are suitable for any religious event....